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YTS alternatives: Similar Sites, Mirrors, Proxies & Unblocking

You must be here to find YTS alternative sites and mirrors that can help you download YTS movies faster and without problem.

Feel free to skip this part and get to the YTS Alternatives to search for similar sites. Or, if you want to know how YTS services started, how to download them safely, then stick around and read the whole content.

YTS sites are those that provide YIFY movies. The Yify movies are small in size and usually low in quality. The service was originally started by a New Zealand citizen known as YIFY torrents. On the website, he used to upload Hollywood movies in low quality so those people who had a metered connection, or limited bandwidth, could also watch movies by downloading them through his websites. The service was however illegal and the innovator faced multiple multi-million law suits. His site was taken down and an out of court settlement was reached. Case closed.

After the news about his sorry tale reached the internet, many clones started popping up. The best one of these clones was the YTS torrent. It is another website that provides movies, and TV shows through YIFY torrents to users. The site often faces outages and is usually down. So, users asked other users on Reddit and other social sharing websites if there are any quality YTS alternatives.

The good part is that many alternatives already exist in the market and you should familiarize yourself with them if you want to download and enjoy YIFY torrents and mirror sites.

Is yts/yify down?

The biggest question is how to check if YTS website is up and running? The current YTS website is: YTS.am.

And, at the time of writing this article the website was up and running. We did the test ourselves and this is what we saw.

You can also check whether YTS.am site is down or up through the server status checking website.

is Yts.am Down or is it Just Me?

In most cases, the YTS.am site will be running and it will be your computer that is not connecting with the website. The best way to check this is by testing the server status of the YTS.am website by the link we provided above. If the website is down, then you can search for YTS alternatives and mirror sites.

Check whether Yts.am server is down right now or having outage problems for everyone or just for you on www.isitdownrightnow.com.

Why you can`t access YIFY/YTS from your network

Some reasons why you can’t access YIFY/YTS from your network.


Now that we know the reasons why yify/yts can’t be accessed from your network, what other options do we have left? Perhaps we will have to search for yify/yts alternatives. So, let’s do that.

Best YIFY/YTS Alternatives

  1. RARBG

The YTS/YIFY torrent website offers movies, game shows and other video torrents for free. The site is known for trusted peer to peer landing and is a renowned torrent company. RARBG recently started YTS movies streaming because no other service is providing this service. And, even if it did, the technology used to develop that is too advanced.

  1. 1337X

Next in our list is 1337X. The website is another torrent portal and has gained a reputation in the market. 1337X doesn’t just limit itself to tv shows, movies, and other software that people can actually download. Most of the times 1337X is also down because of many glitches and functionalities. The only way to download the YTS torrents is through:


  1. Piratebay

If you don’t know about Pirate bay, then you are losing your hard earned money on buy those movies. But in actuality, they can get many movies for free through Piratebay. Pirate bay has movies, shows, and even books related to almost everything. You can download other TV shows and videos and even YTS movies.

  1. Piratebay.me

If Piratebay is not accessible, then there is another alternative – Torrents.me. The website is a complete control of piratebay and offers almost all torrents that piratebay offers. Torrents.me has a small database in comparison with the torrent giant Piratebay, but is nonetheless a great place to search for torrents that are not available anywhere else. As for YTS movies, the torrents.me website will have all of those that are available either on Piratebay or RARBG.

  1. Limetorrents

The reason I have added Limetorrents to this list is because it has an established userbase and is almost half a decade old. The site is operated by the founder of iTorrents, so it has a huge database in comparison with Torrents.me. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the search engine of torrents because it can also find torrents available on Piratebay and other similar websites.

  1. Torrentz2

Another website that should be added to our list is Torrentz2. It is nothing like Piratebay or YTS.am, but what differentiates Torrentz2 from the rest is that it allows users to search for torrents from all around the web. Whether you are looking for pdfs, ebooks, movies, or YTS films, it can help you get them free of cost. But searching torrentz2 is hard and you will have to skip many popups before you are successful.

Yts/Yify Alternatives Reddit

While these were some of the best alternatives available of YTS/YIFY website. We also searched for its alternatives on Reddit and here are a few that we found.

You must be wondering why we have kept Reddit torrents different? The reason is because Reddit is an authentic place of discussion. There is a possibility that people have provided their own preferences of YTS alternatives, but they can’t do that on Reddit.

  1. Encodes from Tigole

One Reddit user has said to search for torrents from Tigole. You will have to download these torrents from Skytorrent or any other public tracker. Tigole also makes YTS movies so you can easily download his encodes.

  1. Katcr.co

Another torrent website similar to Torrentz2. It is also known as kickasstorrents and offers multiple YTS movies. It isn’t a complete alternative of the YTS.am movie torrent site, but it will do the work.

  1. Pahe.in

One Reddit user has said to download YTS movies from Pahe.in website. It isn’t actually a torrent website and streams movies in high quality. Pahe.in is nothing short of amazing because of the number of movies it has available.

  1. 123Movies

Well, as we have already listed Pahe.in to the list we decided to add 123movies as well. The website also offers download facility for users who would like to download and watch the movie later. It also has lots of latest movies available. The movies will not be for small bandwidth users because all of these are around 700MBs but they are great for those who would like to watch new movies and have bandwidth available.


List of Working YTS/YIFY Mirrors & Proxies

Even if the YTS.am website is blocked by your network provider or government, you can still use it using a VPN service or through these proxy servers. We have provided a list of the best YIFY and YTS proxies that you can use to download movies through torrents.

You can see that we have only added those proxies that have fast speed. There are many other proxies that can work as a YTS mirror, but they are slow. There is no reason to add slow proxies to the list because they will just waste your time. Simply select one of these proxies and start download your favorite torrent. 

Yify Browser Download

There is a good news for those who are tired of visiting torrent website and struggling with popups just to download a torrent.

Introducing YIFY browser.

YIFY Android browser is a simple software that allows you to download YTS

torrents faster. The best way to describe the YIFY browser is that it completely takes away the pain of popups, ads, and corrupted torrent files. Instead, you get a torrent at almost a single click. The YIFY browser is currently available for Android only.

Here is how you can use it on PC.


List of Latest YTS Proxy

Here is a list of the best YTS proxy that you can use. The list only includes the fastest YTS proxy because you will need fast speed to download YTS movies to your PC. We have added all those that we thought will help you get the best internet speed. So, test all of those and go with the one that offers the fastest speed and the most value.

How To Get YTS Unblocked?

If you are using a proxy server, simply open it or use one of the proxies that we have provided above and open them in your browser.

The YTS proxy will open the YTS.am website.

Now you can download the movie of your choice without any worry.

Now it’s Your Turn!

We have provided you a complete list of YTS alternatives, mirrors, and proxies. Now, it is your turn to download your favorite movie. Let us know if anyone of these proxies doesn’t work and we will replace them instantly.