How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 on Kodi for Free

Searching addons to watch winter olympics 2018 on kodi? Olympic fans are all set to gather for a winter-crisp treat at the PyeongChang Olympic stadium to witness the biggest opening of all time of the Winter Olympics. The opening ceremony will officially kick off on 9th February 2018, closing on 25th February 2018.

For all Olympics lovers, these 16 days are going to mark history. While the lucky ones will get to witness the Olympics from within the stadium, you can still enjoy it from the comfort of your home with a cup of hot chocolate, thanks to your Kodi home entertainment theater.

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Here are some great Olympics streaming add-ons available on Kodi totally free.

How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 on Kodi for Free?

List of official Kodi add-ons to watch Olympics 2018 while staying at home.

  1. iPlayer WWW
  2. Zattoo Box
  3. Sportube
  4. SportsNet Now

List of unofficial Kodi addons to watch Olympics on Kodi for free

  • Boom Add-on
  • The Loop
  • SportsMania

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming XXIII Winter Olympics on Kodi

In the United States, watching winter Olympics online for free is not a problem because NBC broadcasts it live on its official website and on its app. So, just tune in to the NBC addon and start watching it.

On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, you need to have a TV license to watch the winter Olympics 2018 on BBC iPlayer, which is the official broadcast for games. You will have to register for free to watch it.

By registering for it once, you can watch it on your smartphone, tablet, browsers, TV, gaming console and any other device of your choice.

However, if you are outside the US or the UK, then the content won’t be accessible to you unless you have a VPN available to convert your IP address.

There are many VPNs available to remove this restriction.

Or, you can get a reliable Kodi addon for watching the Olympics opening ceremony that will stay active until the end.

Best Kodi Addons for Watching Winter Olympics ceremony

iPlayer WWW

  • Download the Kodi add-on ‘iPlayerWWW’ by going to download and then Video add-ons.

first step to install-bbc-iplayer-addon-for-watching-winter-olymics

  • Now scroll down to iPlayerWWW and click install.
    watch Winterolympic on kodi with BBC-iPlayer-Kodi-Addon
  • Now go back to the home screen, Video Add-ons list and play iPlayerWWW add-on.

How to watch winter olympics 2018 on kodi repository

  • One of the best repositories to watch Winter Olympics 2018 on kodi is ‘Boom Repository.’

Here is how to install it:

  • First of all launch Kodi. Go to Settings and then navigate to File Manager. You will have to add a source by clicking ‘Add Source.’ Now click the bar that says None.
  • Enter the link: Click Ok and then enter the name of the repository ‘Boom Repo’ and click OK again.
  • Return to the main menu after you are done.
  • Click the Add-ons and then Packages Installer Icon
  • Click Install from Zip File
  • And add ‘Boom Repository’ by clicking on it

After installing the repository simply head back to the home screen and then the Video Add-ons to run it.

The repository will be installed with the name ‘Boom.’

How to watch winter olympics 2018 on kodi krypton version 17.6 or lower

Kodi version Krypton and Jarvis are similar in design. They haven’t changed any of the buttons. So, if you want to install the Kodi repository for watching Olympics for free then simply go to the Settings page and then File Manager. Now install the add-ons available.

How to watch winter olympics 2018 on kodi krypton version 17.6 or lower

  • On the left hand side, click ‘Add Source’ and now ‘edit file source’watch winter-olympics-2018-on-kodi-jarvis
  • Once downloaded, click on the box shape icon in add-ons menu.Click and install the kodi addon
  • It will prompt you to install from Zip file. Open Boom Repository and then the version of repository.
  • Now wait for the notification.Insert Repository

Now go to the Video add-ons. Select ‘Boom’ and click install.

How to watch winter olympics 2018 on kodi jarvis version 16 or higher

Installing on Kodi Jarvis version is similar to Kodi Krypton. Simply open Kodi and then click System. Click on File Manager> Add Source – Type the URL: and press done.

Now name your media source ‘Boom Repo’ and press Ok.

Return to the main menu and click System>Add-ons.

Now install from Zip File. Click Boom Repository, select the zip repository for Boom ‘’ and wait for it to install completely.

Once it is installed, go to the Video-addons and run ‘Boom.’

How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 on Kodi Firestick?

Installing Kodi on FireStick device is possible in the same way. Just take the steps that we have defined above and you can install it in the same way.

How to watch winter olympics 2018 live free online

Use these addons to live stream Olympics on Kodi. All these addons are free and can easily be installed on any version of Kodi including Krypton, Jarvis, and Leia.

  • NBC Sports Live Extra

watch winter olympics 2018 live free online-with-NBCSports

NBC Sports Live Extra is a Kodi addon that lets you watch sports streams through Kodi. You can watch selected highlights for free, and for live events, sign in with your cable service credentials.

In spite of many NBC Sports Gold packages available, it doesn’t include a dedicated Winter Olympics addon.

Note: This addon can only be accessed through an American IP address.

  • CBC Sports

watch winter olympics with-CBCSports

Canada broadcaster (CBC) will also broadcast the Winter Olympics this year. It’s free to watch but with only one restriction – you can only watch it from within Canada or by using a Canadian IP address. People can use a VPN to watch the content by using the Kodi addon through the Canadian IP address.

Install this TVAddon repository directly from here.

  • Eurosport Player

Install-Eurosport Player-for watching-winter-olympics-2018-on-kodi

The Eurosport Player is for British viewers who want to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics through Kodi. It requires a euro-sport account to watch the content including live stream and on-demand video content.

Final Word:

Live streaming of Winter Olympics 2018 is something that everyone is craving for. Nonetheless, it will be fun because South Korea is hosting it after a long time. This means you will not only get to enjoy the sports but also know about South Korean culture. We have provided all the methods through which you can watch the opening ceremony, matches and even the closing ceremony with ease. In case you want to know more about Winter Olympics then simply contact us by commenting below.

You can also use the Unofficial Kodi addons, but be sure to use a VPN with them so that you are not restricted due to geo limitations.


  1. Hi there! I just tried to install the BOOM! repository, but the notification “F4m proxy failed” flashes, followed by “Failed to install a dependency”… any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Cheers!

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