13 Best Kodi Maintenance Tools to Fix Errors & Clear Cache

Searching worthy kodi maintenance tools or addons to deal with Kodi proficiently? Well, Kodi media center has now more than a thousand official add-ons. One reason for that is its growth, as Kodi is no more just a media software but a complete entertainment hub. Whether you are a computer user, a tablet consumer, a smartphone owner or a smart TV enthusiast, kodi has something to serve you. And, that’s why we have prepared a list of the best maintenance tools for Kodi. Because maintaining kodi media center by adding relevant extensions just increases the fun things you can do with it.

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Best Kodi Maintenance Tools for Kodi krypton version 17.6

We have complied a list of 13 maintenance add-ons for Kodi to enhance your user experience. We have included extensions for updates, cleanups and backups. The below listed addons will serve all version of Kodi media center. Without further ado, here it goes…!!!

1. Backup Addon – Backup and Restore Kodi Tool

The ‘Backup’ addon is an essential Kodi maintenance tool that provides a smooth interface to back-up every element of the kodi media center. The addon is simple to use and provides multiple choices to the users so they can backup either a selected few elements such as profiles, art work, and settings, or backup all of their data at a single go. The backed up settings can be attached to a USB storage device or a network file sharing system – your choice. The same settings can be restored later when you prefer a clean install of Kodi addon.

Usually, the backups take a few minutes for storing the image. You can even back them to another home theater PC. And, where the system failure occurrences have increased tremendously, thus getting a Kodi backup addon for safety should be your immediate choice.

Install Back Up Tool for Kodi

1- Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons

2- Select “Install from Repository” Go to Kodi Add-on Repository or Download (if fresh install on kodi 17)

3- Press Program Add-ons then find “Backup” and Install

4- Open Backup and Use it.

2. EZ Maintenance+ Tool

Here is another best kodi maintenance tool for 2018 called EZ Maintenance+ placed in dimitrology repo. It can help you to clear cache,  thumbnails and clear packages on single click. EZ maintenance tool have fresh start option to refresh you kodi settings and give a fresh start. It can create a wizard for you Kodi Build and can restore or back up of your setup. It has few more good options inside such as maintenance, advance setting(buffer size), log viewer/uploader, speedtest and settings. One of very easy to use maintenance tool on kodi so give it a try.

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3. Maintenance Tool – A Comprehensive Toolkit for Kodi Maintenance

The ‘Maintenance Tool’ is a complete kodi maintenance toolkit for just about any task. Users, depending on their choice and need, can use it for backup, restore, managing system tweaks, performing configurations that weren’t possible with the standard kodi GUI and clearing kodi cache for a performance boost and reduced video buffering time.

The best thing about Kodi maintenance tool is that it is available with a complete set of tutorial videos. On the home screen of the addon, you will find the ‘How to’ videos list. You can either download the videos or watch them online to see how to use the maintenance tool for improving the Kodi home theatre software. The addon can easily be downloaded from Addon Installer.

4. Log Viewer for Kodi – Precise Removal of Kodi

Log Viewer for Kodi is a crucial Kodi maintenance addon to find issues that are leading towards a slow, progress-hindering and bandwidth-eating kodi software suite. The Log Viewer works by letting you view Kodi log files, navigate through the folder structure and diagnose issues. You can then solve these with the click of a single button. The maintenance tool will find bugs and fix them so that you don’t experience a broadcast breakdown.

Get the Log Viewer addon for Kodi from the official repository.

5. Kodi Portal – For cleaning Kodi Cache

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all Kodi issues, then there is nothing better than Kodi Portal Addon . It is a complete maintenance kit that provides various Kodi tools in one place. The most important ones are cache clearing tool and another one that tells you which kodi addon is trending and how it can improve your experience. Installation of Kodi portal is pretty flawless.

6. Ares Wizard – For Faster Performance (Not Running)

If you need a kodi repository software that can also change the skin, clear cache and tweak settings for an even faster performance, then install Ares Wizard software. The wizard lets you clear cache, delete thumbnails, truncate packages, change skins and add more add-ons easily. Further, it primarily solves your biggest problem i.e. the kodi video buffering issue. You can install it directly from Ares Wizard.

7. Merlin Wizard

Named after the wisest savior of the fairy worlds, the Merlin Wizard is your go to addon for solving video streaming issues lingering within the kodi software.
It lets you clear cache, delete packages and thumbnails for a faster video-running experience. Most of the times the kodi software will run at a snail’s pace, even if the internet speed is at its best. The reason is because of junk being captured by the Kodi cache. It delete that from time to time for seamless performance. Add it from Merlin Wizard website.

8. Fresh Start Maintenance Tool

One of the superior kodi maintenance tool for Krypton is Fresh Start. If you worried how to remove all mixed-up kodi addons then use Fresh Start tool to get the entire new Kodi by uninstall everything and back to default factory settings. It helps you to remove all configuration settings, all media libraries connections, user profiles and kodi skins. If you want to reinstall kodi to start a new HTPC experience then Fresh Start is good to go.

9. LEE TV Wizard (LTV Wiz Maintenance Tool)

Lee TV wizard counts in great kodi maintenance tools, it looks something similar to that of the echo wizard so it’s got everything you need in it from cleaning tools. This tool give you your total size and you can clear your packages, your cache, thumbnails, old logs you can purge databases or you can Fresh Start. You can go over to add-on tools which will allow you to remove add-ons, remove atom data, enable or disable add-ons from the wizard. This is for stuff on the wizard you can enable the advanced version of stuff you can force update add-ons.

10. Indigo Maintenance Tool

Indigo is one of the unique addon on Kodi that have best maintenance tools placed in it, such as System Information, Addon Installer, Rejuvenate Kodi, Factory Restore, Log Uploader, Network Speed Test etc.

If you don’t want multiple addons to maintaining your Kodi, then Indigo is the perfect choice for you as a multi-tasking maintenance tool for Kodi.

List of the best Maintenance Tools for Kodi Jarvis Version 16

Kodi version 16 named Jarvis is for users who haven’t updated their software to the latest version 17.6 named krypton. The best addons for this one are provided below.

11. Smash Wizard Maintenance tool – Hassle-free system performance

The tool is a bundle of maintenance and support addons for Kodi Jarvis and krypton versions. You can install it to clear cache, add tweaks and configure for better performance. It isn’t an official plugin but will still work wonderfully.
It can be installed by selecting system>file manager>add source and then adding domain ‘http://mediarepos.org/kodistuff,’ and media source name ‘kodistuff.’
Now go to the home screen>System>add-ons folder>install zip file.
– Select Kodistuff and then reposmash.zip
– Enable the add-on notification and install it from repository
– Select SMASH Repo, program add-ons, smash wizard and select install

12. Raw Maintenance Kodi Program

Want to clear buffering issues, delete thumbnails for faster videos on Kodi? The Raw maintenance kodi software will help. Just download and install it.
It can be installed by selecting system>file manager>add source and then adding domain ‘solved.no-issue.is’ and media source name ‘Raw.’
Now go to the home screen>System>add-ons folder>install zip file.
– Select Raw and then rawMaintenanceRepo.zip
– Enable the add-on notification and install it from repository

13. Library Auto Updater

Tired of getting notifications to update your Kodi media library? This addon will solve this problem for you. It automatically updates the library by adding more movies, tv shows to the list so you don’t miss them by any chance. Plus, the library addon removes links and sources that aren’t working as well. These are the finest kodi maintenance tools for a smooth and pleasing home-theater experience. Install them today for clearing the cache, and tweaking Kodi media system with ease. Which one of these works best for your home theater? Let us know in the comments below.

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