20 kodi Keyboard Shortcuts Will Make Life Easier

If you have ever used Xbox, or have ever tried to install a software system on your home entertainment theatre, then you will be familiar with Kodi. With Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts you can use a Bluetooth keyboard while relaxing away on your favorite sofa.

Kodi is a powerful home theater system that was previously known as XBMC. It has gained a lot of popularity these days due to its easy installation on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry pi and many others. The software is available in 70 different languages and has a massive library of addons for entertainment buss and movie enthusiasts.

Usually people use either their smartphones, or a mouse for computer and a console controller for Xbox to control the choices on kodi entertainment center. But there is no fun in that when you have to use your mouse to do everything on the computer. This means you will have to be near the system while performing things.

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List of kodi keyboard shortcuts that you should definitely know to make your life easier

Not only will they speed up task scheduling on Kodi, but they will improve the user experience tremendously. So, without further ado. Here are some of the most used Kodi Keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Toggle from Full-screen to Windowed Mode

Keyboard shortcut: \

Kodi is in full screen by default and if you want to run it while focusing on another window you can enable the windowed mode. The keyboard shortcut is easy and just by pressing the button you can do it. So, whether you are doing your homework, browsing a website or even doing your homework, all is now possible while running kodi.

Done with work? Want to go back to the full screen? Kodi full screen keyboard shortcut can do that for you.

  1. Adjust Audio delay

Keyboard shortcut: A

Sometimes the audio and video in some shows is not aligned together. You can use this keyboard shortcut to do that with a single click. The shortcut key will adjust the audio delay to sync it with the video playback.

  1. Fast forward

Keyboard shortcut: F

Not liking that song? Want to move it faster to the next clip? Simply press F on the keyboard and the video will pace forward with 2x speed. You can improve the speed to 4x by pressing the F key twice.

You can also use the RIGHT ARROW on the keyboard to forward the video by 30 seconds.

  1. Play

Keyboard Shortcut: P

P is for Play. All friends sat down? Time to play the video. Press P, please.

  1. Stop

Keyboard Shortcut: X

Want a potty break? Press X keyboard key for stopping the video on Kodi.

  1. Rewind

Keyboard Shortcut: R

Loved a particular scene of the movie? Want to watch it again? Press R and the video will start to play backwards with 2x speed. If that’s still slow, pace it up by pressing R again.

You can use the LEFT ARROW to rewind the videos by 30 seconds.

  1. Turn Subtitles On/Off

Keyboard Shortcut: T

I personally love to use subtitles with movies. They help me better understand the dialogues and also improve English. You can do that too with kodi keyboard shortcut for subtitles. Simply press T on your keyboard and it will turn it on or off.

Be sure to add a subtitle file for the movie through settings before enabling it, else the command won’t work.

  1. Home Screen or Back to previous screen

Keyboard Shortcut: Esc

You can visit the previous screen or home screen by pressing Esc key. If you are multiple pages away from the home screen, then simply press it for multiple times and it will get you to that page.

  1. Grab a Screenshot

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + S or Prt Sc

Want to show a screen to your friends? Just press print screen button to take a screenshot on kodi. After you press it, a dialogue box will appear asking you the preferred location for saving the file.

You can also use print screen button or ctrl+S to save the file on a clipboard. This can later be saved through paint software.

  1. Turn volume up, down and mute

Keyboard Shortcut: – (Minus), + (Plus)

You can decrease the volume of the video or increase it further by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ key on the keyboard. Keep them pressed until the volume gets to your desired level. To mute it, keep the minus key pressed until the volume subsides.

  1. Shut down Menu

Keyboard shortcut: S

To exit Kodi entertainment software fast, simply press the S key. This saves a lot of time and is a better way to control kodi. You can also directly shutdown or hibernate computer with this key.

  1. Pause / Play

Keyboard Shortcut: Space bar

To toggle between play and pause buttons, use space bar key on your keyboard. This is the same shortcut that we use on mobile and desktop software.

  1. Zoom / Aspect Ratio

Keyboard Shortcut: Z

Ever thought, what was that in that movie! And wished that you could zoom in a little bit to get a better image? Well, that’s now possible with the Zoom key. Use the Z button to zoom in or improve the aspect ratio of a video or a movie. You can also use it to change the resolution from 4K to 1080 and so on.

Kodi Picture Shortcuts

  1. Zoom in on Pictures from Level 1 to level 9

Keyboard shortcut: Number keys from 1-9

Press number keys on the numeric keypad or above the alphanumeric keypad to zoom in and out on pictures.

  1. Next Picture

Keyboard Shortcut: . period or fullstop

While browsing pictures, you can go to the next picture by pressing the period button ‘.’ Or you can press FULLSTOP button as most of us call it.

  1. Previous Picture

Keyboard Shortcut: , comma

Similar to the next picture, press comma or ‘,’ to go to the previous picture on your screen.

  1. Zoom In

Keyboard Shortcut: + plus

Zoom in on the pictures by pressing the ‘+’ key.

  1. Zoom Out

Keyboard Shortcut: – minus

Similarly, you can press the ‘-‘ key on your keyboard to zoom out of the picture.

  1. Accessing an option outside kodi without exiting

Keyboard Shortcut: Windows Key

You can press the windows key to access a function outside kodi without exiting the program by pressing the windows key button.

Just press the button and you can now use the menu.

  1. Minimize Kodi

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl M

You can pess the Ctrl + M command from your keyboard to use the kodi minimize shortcut on the windows’ bottom menu.

  1. Kodi keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for Mac to make the lives of Apple loves easier while using Kodi entertainment hub.

  • Quit kodi with Cmd+Q
  • Hide or minimize clock to the dock with Cmd+H and Cmd+M
  • Toggle between windowed Kodi and full screen with Cmd+F
  • Take a screenshot of the screen with Cmd+S

All the keyboard kodi shortcuts will work with confluence skin of Kodi. The skin is available with version on the entertainment hub.

Final word:

So, that’s it. Enjoy the list of the most needed shortcuts for your favorite entertainment hub. You can use the kodi keyboard shortcuts settings by pressing the said keys on your keyboard.

Have we missed any keyboard shortcuts for kodi? Let us know in the comments below.

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