Kodi Jarvis vs Kodi Krypton Version – Should you upgrade?

One question that comes to the mind of many Kodi users is its version. They are unsure about which version to use.

There are many Kodi versions available and the two latest one are Krypton v.17 and Jarvis v.16.  In this post we study the features of these two to find which one offers more features to the users.

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Kodi version 17.6 ‘Krypton:’

Kodi version 17 is a bug fix version that was released to improve the last version. With this version, the kodi team has tried to fix the bugs and added more utilities for the users.

Here are some features that are recently added in this one:

  • Updated web interface
  • Improved stick handling
  • Improved PVR fixes
  • Prevent crashes
  • Better auto refresh rate switching
  • Better Blue ray ISO support
  • New Audio DSP engine
  • Re-writes of code for better compatibility

Feedback for Krypton:

The Kodi community loved the new version. Most of them have praised it for its enhanced support, lower number of crashes, a cool interface design, and improved movie codec support.

Problems with Krypton:

However, a few users have said that though the new version of Kodi is great but the interface design is not very much appealing. They have said the developers should fix the new design and suggested to the users to use an addon like confluence that provides a custom theme for Kodi.

Kodi version 16 ‘Jarvis’

Kodi Jarvis version had three release candidates before the version 17 ‘Krypton’ came. The version 16 ‘Jarvis’ changed a lot in terms of design, speed, crashes, and codecs.

The team added the changes slowly and gradually because of the lack of resources available. Here are a few changes that led to the roll out of Jarvis.

  • Use of DirectX 11 instead of DirectX 9
  • Audio signal integration
  • New folder for storing skin files
  • New layouts and languages for keyboard
  • Music library can scan better
  • New tweaks and design change in the add-on manager
  • Improved audio and video playback

Feedback for Jarvis:

Most users were fine with Jarvis version until Krypton was launched. As Krypton answers most of the bug queries that were found in Jarvis, therefore people are in favor of the latter.

Nonetheless, most people have said that Jarvis crashes more and it is better to move to the version that is currently supported by the development team.

Problems with Jarvis:

Jarvis version crashes more often. But those who use heavy plugins to search for movies like confluence still prefer it for two reasons: 1, for its compatibility with all the plugins. 2,  because the latest version krypton is still unstable with many add-ons.

So, until that stability comes, people are preferring to use Jarvis.

How do I know if I have Kodi Jarvis or krypton?

From the main screen, click System > System Info.

Here is a screen shot of how to find Kodi version.

In the System info section, find the version number i.e. 16.x or 17.x. These are usually written next to either XBMC or Kodi name.

Can you use Jarvis and Krypton on Fire stick?

Yes. Most people have reported that Jarvis version was working great on Fire stick. But when they moved to Krypton, the system started to crash.

A short answer to this is: They are crashing because Krypton is not yet compatible with most add-ons. When a user tries to install these add-ons, the system crashes.

Final word:

Jarvis and Krypton both have their own advantages. If you use heavy addons, then using Jarvis would be a better idea because it has already been tested with most plugins, which might not work on the latest one (krypton).

Krypton is better if compatibility with plugins is not an issue. The latest version comes with a slick interface design, and some improved tweaks that will help the overall Kodi home theater experience great again.

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