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Kodi Fresh Start with Factory Reset Option

Kodi is the best plugin for watching your favorite movie or entertainment show on a laptop or an iPad. But just like another software, it gets clunky because of too many add-ons, repositories, and caches added to it while playing your favorite videos. These make the system slow and decrease user experience. The best way to shut this lag is to go for a kodi fresh start.

In this post, we will help you bring kodi software to a fresh start by removing all add-ons and doing a factory restore for all settings.

How to Reset Kodi to Factory settings?

Kodi can be reset to factory settings through multiple repositories. But two of the best repositories that we will use in here include Ares Wizard and Fusion. So, without further talk, let us get to the core of the process.

List of Kodi Fresh Start Repositories

  1. Kodi Factory Reset with Ares Wizard

First, install the Ares Wizard on your Kodi installation as an addon. To do so…

We strongly recommend to use Cheapest VPN for Kodi before Streaming any content on Kodi.

  1. Go to the file manager and add as a source How to reset Kodi to factory settings
  2. Now, go to addons and install kodi respository called: repository.aresproject-0.1.0.zipKodi fresh start repo
  • After the repository is installed, click open it and install Ares wizard from program add-ons. It will take a few minutes before the Ares wizard is fully installed.
  • Once inside, click on MORE and ERASE ALL DATA/FRESH START

  • Clicking yes will automatically delete unused data and empty caches of the software.

Note: By deleting all data from the kodi software, you will also be uninstalling the addons. So, remember to make a list of them and add them once you are done with the factory reset process.

Kodi Factory Reset with Fusion Repository

  • First open File Manager and then add source, just like we did with Ares Wizard installation.
  • Add the name ‘Fusion’ for the media source and click Ok.
  • Now go back to System> Addons> Install from Zip file> Fusion
  • Select ‘Start here’ and ‘’ and wait for the notification of addon enabled.
  • Now go to the program add-on section and start ‘Fresh Start’ program.

The program will delete everything from Kodi and bring it to the factory default settings.

Other methods for Factory Reset :

Kodi fresh start windows

  • Uninstall Kodi from Add or Remove program in Windows.
  • Now head over to the Kodi installation folder and delete all files
  • Install a disk cleaner software and run it to get rid of all broken files associated with Kodi software

Kodi fresh start mac

  • Completely uninstall Kodi from Mac and then reinstall it. You can also download a new version from the internet to do the same.

How to uninstall Kodi on Firestick

On a fire stick, there are two options to reset Kodi to factory settings. These include:

  • Fire Stick Factory Reset:

Fire tv stick has a reset option that deletes all apps available on it. This can only be used as a last resort and is viable when your fire stick tv has some sort of problem, not just the Kodi software installation.

  • Android Reset:

As Fire Stick is part of android, you can also delete Kodi cache to bring it to factory defaults.

To do so, go to settings, apps, manage apps, and now click on Kodi. Select the clear data and clear cache options to remove everything from it.

How to Remove a Build from Kodi

The above mentioned steps will help you remove kodi build and erase data from the installation. If you are not happy with the factory reset of Kodi build, you can remove it completely with the uninstallation process. The ways to uninstall it on windows and mac computers are already described above.

Error Encountered: Kodi fresh start not working

  1. Kodi Crashes After Install

You need to remove all add-ons from the list and do a fresh start again. To do so, add either Ares wizard or Fusion and remove all data from it

  1. Disable Hardware acceleration

If the Kodi fresh start is still struggling to achieve speed, then the best way to go about it is to disable hardware acceleration. Sometimes, the hardware isn’t synced with the system and making it lag.

You can do it from the gear (settings) icon on Kodi home page.

Error Encountered-Kodi fresh start not working

  1. Kodi not connecting to source

Your internet may be stopping Kodi from connecting to the source. This happens because ISPs have blocked Kodi in their region. You can check with your ISP or install IPVanish VPN to remove all hurdles related to internet and network.

Kodi can’t install an add-on

If an add-on is not getting installed on Kodi, then check the following:

  • Kodi addon isn’t outdated
  • It has all the dependencies installed
  • It isn’t a security risk – check the latest security patch for Kodi

Video Frequently Stutters or Loads for a Long Time

If the video buffering is taking too much time, then this means your internet is slow. This can also mean that the ISP is blocking speed to Kodi. You can install a VPN to remove these hurdles.

Final Word:

Is your Kodi installation slow? Time to make the factory reset again. We have mentioned in this article that can help speed-up the factory reset process. Further, these error-solutions for factory resetting will help keep your Kodi installation maintained and working and prolific speed.
Are you facing an issue with your Kodi installation? Let us know in the comments below.

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