How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Kodi

If you are a football fan, the only thing you will be aspiring to know, now as Fifa World Cup 2018 is right around the corner, is how to watch Fifa World Cup 2018 on Kodi.

Don’t worry, as Fifa World Cup gets near, there are many ways to watch it online and we are going to tell all of them to you in this post. We suggest you to use VPN while streaming FIFA world cup matches online to secure your privacy specially with Kodi, as all add-ons are created by 3rd parties and can be harmful for your devices.

Whether official or unofficial, one thing is for sure, Kodi is the best when it comes to streaming live sports events. The opensource nature of this platform allows it to install third party repositories without any hassle. Moreover, you can easily use it on various devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and even Xbox and PlayStation. Can it become easier than this to watch FIFA world cup online in 2018?

Why use VPN for Kodi World Cup Soccer?

Kodi is a great software suite for quenching your entertainment thirst. But you should know that most of the content available through Kodi is geographically restricted. Now after GDPR law implementation, it is getting difficult to access the geo-restricted content without proxies. Because doing so can lead to fine in thousands. Although watching content from other countries is a mere innocent activity, it is not only illegal, it can now also land you in jail.

So, to avoid all this fuss, one should take precautionary measures. We have prepared a list of VPNs that keep your connection secure, and protect your identity.

Get these VPNs now and start watching Kodi World Cup soccer matches safe and sound.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Kodi Addons

Fifa World Cup 2018 is kicking off this summer and it is going to be one epic battle of the football giants. The current champion Germany will be all set to defend its title in the Russian soil. And, we are all eager to know who will play the final on July 15, 2018.

In this guide, you will get to know about how FIFA World Cup 2018 can be watched on Kodi live.

First, a little good news. Kodi has some addons that will officially stream Fifa World Cup 2018. So, if you are not comfortable with the unofficial ones, these Kodi addons are for you.

  • Fox Sports Go (Subscription required)
  • NBCSN (Subscription required)
  • iPlayer WWW (No subscription)

Now, if you are comfortable with the unofficial addons, then these ones are the best ones to watch Fifa online. These kodi addons aren’t just subscription free, but they allow you to watch many other games that won’t be available on the official kodi addons.

List of Kodi FIFA world cup Addons

As Fifa is right around the corner. We have added a list of the best Fifa worldcup Kodi addons, so that you can enjoy your favourite sports league without interruption. These kodi addons will work on both Kodi 17 Krypton, and Kodi 18 Leia. Now you can watch Fifa world cup using Android Fire Stick, Windows, Xbox, or even Playstation. Download these addons today and start testing streaming sites.

There are many more and we will keep adding them to our list so that you can easily watch Fifa on Kodi.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Kodi Repository

Another good news is that you can get a whole repository instead of just an addon to watch whatever you want. If you are new to this, then you must be puzzled about how Kodi addons work and how they differ from a Kodi repository.

It is quite simple. Kodi addons are catered towards a single solution, while a repository is a bundle of addons catering to multiple solutions. Most developers release full repositories instead of one addon. These are easier to maintain and provide more value to the user.

So, if you are thinking of getting a repository for sports entertainment, then nothing can beat these repositories.

List of Kodi Repositories to watch FIFA World Cup 2018

  1. Maverick Repository
  2. Kodil Repository
  3. Galaxy Repository

These are some of the most trusted repositories for watching sports on Kodi. However, if you still care about your security then VPN is the best choice for you.

  • First Launch Kodi. Now click on the Settings icon. Now click File Manager.

      • Click Add Source and click ‘None’. Now type the URL Click Ok and type the Media Source Name ‘Kodil Repo’

      • One you have entered the term ‘Kodi Repo.’ Click OK.

    • Return to Main Menu and select Addons. Click on three-layered Box icon.

    • It will take you to the repository menu. Now open file and install the repository.

      • After installing the repository, click ‘Kodil’ Repository and then Video Add-ons. Click ‘Kick Off’ addon and install it. Your addon has installed successfully.

    How to Watch FIFA World cup 2018 on Kodi Jarvis version 16 or higher

    • Open Kodi again. Click System and then ‘File Manager’. Double click ‘Add Source’
    • Select ‘None’ and then type URL: Type name ‘Kodil Repo’. Now click OK.
    • Get back to the home screen and click System, Addons, and ‘Install from Zip file’.
    • Locate ‘Kodil Repo’. Now install from repository. Kodil Repository > Video Addons > Kick Off > Install.

    You have successfully installed ‘Kick Off’ addon. Now watch Fifa World cup 2018 with ease.

    How to Watch FIFA world Cup 2018 on Kodi Firestick

    First install Kodi on Amazon Firestick. You can easily install the Kodi stable version in a seamless manner. Just follow as we have done in this guide.

    First download ‘Downloader’ on Amazon Firestick. Because it is easier to installed Kodi by downloading Downloader app. Now allow ‘app from unknown sources’ to be downloaded to the Kodi Firestick.

    After enabling the option, you will easily be able to install apps from third parties. As kodi is a third party app, you can easily install it from the official repository.

    So, enter the URL: ‘’ in Downloader app.

    Once you have installed the Kodi app through Downloader, install it on Firestick.

    Firestick works on Android, so you will have to select android from the list of software available (please see the above picture for reference).

    The rest of the process is pretty easy and you will easily install Kodi on Firestick. Now, once it is installed, you can install a relevant addon or repository just as we did above.

    Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Kodi direct download [method]

    A good news is that there is one method to directly watch Fifa on Kodi using a direct method. You don’t have to download a repository instead you can just download the addon and start watching.

    Here is how to go about it.

    • First download the Kodibae repo and save it to a location on your Kodi device.
    • Now, open Kodi and select Addon from left hand menu. Now install from the Zip file. You can navigate to the zip file and select it. It would be in the External Storage > Downloads >
    • Wait for the addon and then install from repository.

    That’s it.

    Official Broadcasters for FIFA World Cup 2018

    Every country has one specific broadcaster for showing FiFA worldcup within the country. The full list of TV channels that will be broadcasting the FiFA world cup officially when it starts is available here.

    However, using Kodi Addon, you can tune in to the TV channels directly without getting into the hassle of searching for a specific channel.

    How to Watch Fifa World Cup 2018 on Kodi Using Direct Method

    You will have to download and install repository to directory watch Fifa world cup online. The process is pretty simple. So, follow me.

    • First Download the Zip file and then go to Kodi Main Menu > Add–ons > Click on Box-shaped icon.
    • Now, Install from Zip File > Open Kodil Repo > Select > Install from Repository.
    • The repository will take some time to install.
    • Click on Kodil Repository > Open Video Addons > Click Kick Off > Click on Install >
    • Wait for the addon enabled notification before playing Kodi. Once enabled, you can easily watch your favourite sports league.

    How to watch FIFA world cup 2018 live online free without cable

    Even if you don’t have cable or you don’t want to go with Kodi entertainment suite to watch FIFA World cup, there are many other ways to watch it online.

    • Fox Sports:

    Fox sports has its own website where it will be streaming FIFA World Cup 2018. Here is the link:

    There are still around 50 days left. But once it is live, you can watch the matches from the Live stream of Fox Sports.

    • Fifa Worldcup Streaming Sites

    You can also watch the Fifa world cup 2018 for free on internet through free streaming websites. Here is the link:

    The websites provide a free method for users to watch fifa world cup online. They can watch the whole game but there is one problem, they will have to witness the obtrusive ads.

    • FIFA World Cup Russia

    Another streaming site that’s dedicated to Football World cup 2018 is Fifa World Cup Russia. It is a great website with all the information for anyone who wants to watch the live stream of matches. Here is the URL:

    The site is great for anyone who wants to watch Fifa world cup 2018 without Kodi.


    There are many ways to watch Fifa World Cup online but the bad news is that you will be irritated by ads from time to time that will ruin your experience. The best way to watch Fifa world cup is by installing Kodi and getting a Cheap VPN  Server for live streaming of geo-specific content.

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