How to use Kodi – A Complete Beginner Guide

What is Kodi?

Do you know what is Kodi and how to use Kodi on your devices.? Kodi is basically a software application, previously known as XBMC.  It’s an open source media player and doesn’t require any fees to download. Kodi is available in market with multiple options according to application area. You may find Kodi for hardware interfaces, variety of operating systems and for use on electronic media device.

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What you can do With Kodi?

Kodi allows you to stream online media including podcasts, music and videos via internet. It also allows you to play media files from shared mediums.

Moreover, you can easily customize appearance of Kodi.  Kodi is a multi platform home theater PC application also termed as HTPC application.

Applications of Kodi?

You can also access Pandora internet, Spotify, youtube, amazon prime instant video and Rhapsody with the help of available plugins. Advanced versions of of Kodi also support DVR, EPG and personal video recorder.

Who Should Use Kodi?

If you want to stream videos at your home and feel like theater then Kodi is the right choice for you.

How Kodi Works?

Kodi turns any device into digital streamer. It provides ease to easily access media file from internet. It can be connected to large television sets. They turn your television into a theater screen.

How to use kodi on Amazon firestick:

Here, I will discuss three methods through which you can easily install Kodi on Amazin Fire stick.

Here are three easy ways to install Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Method 1 (Estimated time: 5 minutes):

  1. First of all, plug in amazon fire tv stick and usb power cable into Tv and usb port respectively.
  2. Now, just navigate as Settings ? System ? Developer Options. Switch on “Apps from unknown sources”. Click yes when popup box appears.
  3. Now install an app known as Downloader by going back to the home screen.
  4. After opening Downloader app, just enter “” and click Go.
  5. Now what you have to do is select the right version of Kodi among various versions list. You should select ARM 32-Bit under heading of Release.
  6. Once downloading is complete you should click install on the popup screen.
  7. You will be facing a black kodi screen probably. Select All and click Install again option at lower part of screen.
  8. Finally Application successful installed.
  9. Go back to the main home screen. There you can find Kodi under “You Apps and Games” heading.

Hence Kodi has now finally installed on Fire Tv Stick. However, few users complain about installation problem through above method. For them we have another method as below.

Method 2 : ADB Debugging:

In method2, you will have to download APK file in your pc and then you will have to install ADB for installing on your fire stick. For a layman, it may be a complicated process but in reality it works. Follow the following steps for successful installation of Kodi via ADB debugging method:

  1. Place your stick on TV. Navigate as Settings?system?developer options
  2. Now you have to switch in ADB debugging as well as Apps from unknown sources.
  3. Now navigate as settings?system?about?network and obtain fire stick’s IP address.
  4. In your PC/ laptop, just download android ARM APK File. It can be accessed via .
  5. Now, just download adblink (Windows , Mac, Linux).
  6. Now open adblink and just press New as indicated in the image below.
  7. After entering name of fire stick, enter IP address and click Save.
  8. After pressing connect button, IP address of the fire stick will be listed in Connected devices.
  9. Click Install APK, find the the APK file which was downloaded before, select that file.
  10. Press Yes, when it asks would you like to install.
  11. At bottom right, ADB running will be appeared. Also you will get notified when installation is complete. Press OK then.
  12. Now Kodi has finally installed on your fire stick.

Method 3 ,Apps2fire:

If the above method is also feasible for you then you should try Apps2fire. Kodi installation through App2fire is not a big science. It can be installed easily from your android phone.

How It works?

App2fire is free to download and can be downloaded via google play store from any android phone. ADB command line tool gets automatically installed when app sends packages o fire stick and which actually triggers ADB command.

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Using App2Fire, you can install Kodi on Fire Stick by following below steps:
  2. First you should download and install the App2Fire through Google play store.
  3. Place stick on your TV and navigate as settings?device?Developer options
  4. From unknown source and adb debugging, just switch on the apps.
  5. Navigate as settings?device?about?network and note somewhere IP address of your fire stick.
  6. Now just download and install Kodi on your smart phone.
  7. Now enter the noted ip address, after opening App2fire and pressing tag setup.
  8. Navigate as menu?upload apps

How to Use Kodi on PC:

Visit official download page of Kodi. Download latest stable build of Kodi which is available to download. Currently Kodi krypton v17.3 is the stable release.

User Interface:

User interface of KOdi is not so typical. It contains sections of music, system, programs, videos and pictures. you can view more options like system info, settings, add-ons and files upon hovering your mouse.

At bottom left corner, there is favorite’s button which displays add-ons saved in favorites. also you can locate a shut down button through which you can turn the system into sleeping mode, hibernation and power off the system. Also there is a facility of custom shutdown timer.

There is also a back and home button on bottom right and sidebar respectively; they can be used in the same section. It enables you to choose miscellaneous options.

you can view more options like system info, settings, add-ons and files upon hovering your mouse. If you are a shortcuts lover, then Kodi has a list of keyboard shortcuts for performing specific functions.

Settings and Options:

Locked Profiles Creation:

Kodi provides you option to set lock on master’s profile or create a simple profile. Master profile is for limiting access to collection. Navigate as system?profiles and enable or disable the login screen. Also you can set the lock preferences of the profile.

Setting Level Selection:

You can customize settings options visibility by navigating as system?settings and selecting the level from basic, standard, advanced and expert. Expert will show maximum options on your screen.

Other Settings:

Here you can change the look of Kodi by navigating in appearance.

You can select from themes available or download a new theme.

You can view more options like system info, settings, add-ons and files upon hover your mouse. Moreover, you can make changes in sounds, startup window, fonts and also scrolls down to edit rss. Also there are options to change screensaver, region and the language.


You can explore here all the options associated with the video playing including acceleration, subtitles, video library, accessibility and discs.


Here you have the accessibility to configure tv settings such as parental control, power saving and playback.


Here you can set up library along with number of available advanced playback options.


Here you can configure the slideshows pattern as well as change the file list settings.


You can select the weather service if you want to check weather updates on your home screen. But it needs to have add on your system first.


Navigate to add-ons settings page to find the option for installation of various add-ons from repositories.


System settings enable you to configure audio video output, enable or disable power saver mode or set up master lock.

How to install repositories on Kodi:

You should navigate as settings?add ons and then choose install from repository and then click on kodi add on repository.

How to use kodi on android:

Kodi configuration on android device may be a time taken process but for long term its good.

Kodi boxes with pre installed kodi app have given a new rise to popularity of the system in last few years.

  1. First of all, download Kodi from Google play store
  2. Find the navigation menu with categories on left for pictures, music, shows, movies, tv and add-ons.

Media files Import:

Kodi gives you ease to keep all your media files at one place in a well organized manner. You can import media into Kodi in a much faster way. What you have to do is set source from internal storage of phone or micro sd card.

  • Select the type of media you want to add.

  • Add pictures now

  • Click Browse

  • Locate the folder where you want to add media file.


You can install add-ons other than your own media through built in add on browser or remote add on repositories. In add-ons menu you can see that all the apps are not only linked but being displayed with Kodi.

Go in add on menu where all types of add-ons are listed. Here you can tap to browse the available add-ons.

There you can find video add-ons for tv channels and media sharing websites like Reddit and youtube. For installation of add on, you all have to do is selct and tap install.

Legal Add-ons for Kodi:

You can navigate as add on settings and install from online repository. Those are the ones which promote piracy.

How to Use Kodi on a Mac:

  1. Process of downloading kodi on Mac is very easy. just follow the following steps:
  2. Try downloading latest version of Kodi.
  3. Now just open the kodi disk image as in safari browser it doesn’t open automatically.
  4. Now just drag and drop the kodi icon for installation of software on mac.
  5. Open Kodi. Many users when first open it get the message that kodi can’t be opened.
  6. Now right click the app and click open, hence you can bypass it.
  7. Now Kodi is open and you can use it for streaming needs.
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