How to check Kodi Version

How to Check Kodi Version do I have on Firestick, PC & Raspberry Pi?

Sometimes, you need to find out which version of Kodi you have installed. That may be because you have forgotten or you have obtained a device that already has the program. If you are an average user, you may not know how to check Kodi version which you have installed. In this guide, we will tell you how to check your current version of Kodi.

Sometimes you need to find out the version of Kodi entertainment suite to add addons of your choice. Finding Kodi version is a little hard if you have little information about how to find it from the settings tab.

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In this tutorial we are going to show you how easy it is to check Kodi version on your system. The tutorial includes checking the Kodi version on a PC, an Android device, and on the FireStick.

Let’s start.

How to Check Kodi Version on PC

Finding Kodi version on PC is pretty simple. You just have to launch the Kodi application on your PC.

  • After that click on the gear or ‘settings’ icon on Kodi.
  • Now click on ‘System information’ tab.
  • The Kodi version will be available here under the ‘Version Info.’

How to check kodi version on pc

How to check Kodi Version on Android

Similarly, if you have Kodi version installed on an android device, then here is how to check the version.

  • First, go to the home screen and click settings.
  • Now, click on Apps and select ‘Kodi’ from the list of apps.
  • In Kodi app’s setting dialog box, you will see the ‘Version info.’

How to check kodi version on android

You can use this information to install relevant addons to Kodi or upgrade the version if it is outdated.

How to check Kodi Version on Firestick

  • First of all launch Kodi version on Firestick operating system.
  • Now go to settings or click ‘gear’ button to launch the settings tab.
  • Here you will find the ‘System Information’ tab.
  • The version info will be available here. Use it to launch addons of your choice on the Fire Stick platform.

How to check kodi version on firestick

How to check Kodi version on Raspberry Pi

The latest version of Kodi for Raspberry Pi is 17.6 version. There are currently no versions of Android or Windows that can work on Raspberry Pi. But there is a simple way to find Kodi version on this platform.

  • Simply go to Kodi Menu
  • Select System. You will get a second menu. Select System Info from it.
  • Now note down the build date and version info.

Kodi Version Checker

One question that will come to your mind after checking the version of Kodi suite is that what to do with it. There are multiple versions available such as Leia, Krypton, Jarvis, Genesis, and many more. Let’s see how to check which version belongs to these types and how you can use them to install relevant addons.

How to check Kodi Leia version

Kodi Leia version is named after Star Wars actor Carrie Fisher. After her sad demise, Kodi team decided to name the Kodi 18 as ‘leia’ to carry her legacy forward.

Leia isn’t a stable version of Kodi however you are most welcome to try Leia if you want. The below link provides a 64-bit version of Kodi 18 nightly build that you can run on your system. Download Kodi 18 Leia

To check Kodi Leia version on your system. Simply go to Settings > System Information > Version Info.

If the version is Kodi 18.0 or something then you are using Kodi Leia.

How to check Kodi Krypton version

Kodi Krypton is the latest stable version that you can download on your system (Windows, Android, and Firestick). It has a new theme ‘Confluence’ installed. Usability wise, the krypton version is simple to use because of all the options clearly shown on the screen.

The good thing about Krypton is that it is fully compatible with all version of windows and android. The latest (unstable) version Leia is not compatible with Windows 7.

  • You can check the Kodi Krypton version through the System Information on Kodi.
  • Go to Kodi’s settings > System Information > Version Info
  • If the version is 17.0 to 17.9 then it is Kodi Krypton.

How to check Kodi Jarvis version

Kodi Jarvis is an old version of the entertainment suite. It was later replaced by Krypton but most Kodi users still use Jarvis because of its stability. They can easily install addons of their choice without crashing the software.

You can install multiple skins on Kodi Jarvis. Confluence, Refocus, Retouched, Revolve, and Titan are some of the skins that you can install on it.

To check Jarvis version, simply go to Kodi > Settings >System Information > Version Info: 16.XXX

How to check Kodi Genesis version

Kodi Genesis is not available because no add-ons work with it. However, Genesis fork available to run on Kodi Krypton and Jarvis.

To know Kodi Genesis version info, simply check it using the same steps that we provided above.

Kodi > Settings >System Information > Version Info: 15.XXX

What is the Latest version of Kodi

The latest version of Kodi is Leia version 18. It is still in its beta stage but enthusiast Kodi users can download it today:

Leia is named after Carrie Fisher, who was the female lead in Star Wars movies.

Which Kodi Version is Best

In my own opinion, Kodi Krypton is the best version. The reasons are:

  • Krypton is compatible with all versions of Windows, Android, and Firestick
  • It runs all addons and is almost virus free
  • It has new updates coming every few months
  • Krypton has a great looking theme that makes the information easy to comprehend

Final word

We hope the above provided information will be helpful for you on how to know Kodi version in your system.Was the information provided above helpful? Do you want to add any more details to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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