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Best Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes to Buy

I was never actually in favor of  kodi boxes, but most of my friends who are kodi lovers have insisted that fully loaded kodi boxes are great. They take away all the hassle of adding add-ons to your system.

What are Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes?

For those who have no idea about fully loaded kodi boxes, these are special tv boxes for Kodi media streaming. But unlike bare-bone boxes, they come with addons for almost all types of content streaming.

Top Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes

Are They Legal?

There has been a question revolving among the kodi box lovers that whether the fully loaded kodi boxes are legal or not. Most People have mixed opinion about it. One thing to note is that people selling fully loaded kodi boxes in UK have been arrested for doing it. Their offense was that they had put on addons that can be used for illegal streaming of content through Kodi home theatre software.

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How to find the best fully loaded Kodi box?

To be honest, if you are trying for the first time it is better to get help from a reliable person who has already tested some of the kodi boxes so he can guide you towards the right one. Now the market is full of fully loaded kodi boxes that are total crap. You won’t be able to find one that provides you with quality. Only a few reliable ones are available from reputable companies that you should actually go for.

I have listed the ones that I trust below. You are most welcome to try these.

What to look for in a Kodi/XBMC Box?

We observed the Kodi boxes that are loved by their users and concluded that there are certain features that make them stand out. What are they? Let’s find out.

Does it have support?

Support is the backbone of any product. Bad support will kill your product while good support won’t actually make it stand out. It will certainly solve the problems of your users. While going for a kodi box, try no to get one from craiglist or any other classified website because these sites will be selling most probably used kodi boxes that don’t come with support. Search the company whose kodi box you tend to buy to search for their active community forums. If their company representatives aren’t available on the community forum to answer user queries then don’t go for that product. It is your right to search before you make a product purchase, use it.

Does it get firmware updates?

Even if the kodi box comes with great hardware, if the firmware isn’t being updated on a regular basis the product is crappy. Better to move to another product.

Sometimes, the firmware of products aren’t getting updated on a regular basis but it is still better to check if they at least have a history of updates. If not, simply don’t buy them.

Is price fair?

A regular kodi tv box is between $50 and $100. The highest quality ones are may be around $150. Don’t pay anything more than that for a kodi box. Many companies will try to rip you off by adding all addons in a kodi box and then selling it for high price. And, when you get the boxes, the addons will simply not work. Avoid those.

If you are still not sure what price you should pay, do a market survey by visiting different websites that are selling the same product and check their prices. If something is more expensive, it should better have a good reasons for that.

List of the Best choices for Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes

ARCstream MXq PRO

Click Here for Details

ARCstream MXq PRO is one of the best fully loaded TV boxes because it too have the new AMlogic S912 CPU for improved performance. The ARCstream MXq PRO isn’t as polished as SkyStream Two but it balances that through its supreme performance.

Note: ARCstream MXq PRO was previously known as Element technology. Some boxes may include the name Element Ti8 forARCstream MXq PRO. Both are the same.

SkyStream Two

Click here for details

A new entry to Kodi fully loaded box series is of SkyStream, Two. It has the new Amlogic S912CPU which is loved by Kodi programmers because of its compatibility with almost all media codecs. This can play almost everything you throw at it. It comes with brilliant support through social media and phone. Also, the company has a live chat feature, in case you don’t want to talk to someone on phone.

The box comes with a 2-year extended warranty and you can get it for $9.99 only. During the warranty period, if the box stops working and through no fault of yours (as per the warranty instructions) then they will send you a replacement absolutely free.


Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes on Ebay:

Though I am not in favor of buying used boxes either through Ebay or Amazon but there are plenty of reliable ones available on these websites. Therefore, I have prepared a list of the ones that are most trusted and you can easily buy from them. They also provide regular support which is great.

  • Smart TV Box MXQ Pro Android Mini PC Quad Core WiFi 1gb – 8gb 4k*2k 1080p IPTV

It is a second-hand Kodi box sold by davilis. Davilis has a five star positive rating and has already sold multiple MXQ boxes for Android TV. The box comes with Kodi pre-installed so you can enjoy your favourite Tv programs, movies through Kodi media streaming or even from Netflix. The box has a positive rating and people have said it can easily stream without interruption for at least 16 hours.


The M8S android smart TV box comes with 8GB ROM and Wifi. It already has Kodi installed on the S812 CPU. Though this isn’t the fastest CPu version but it is still compatible with multiple media codecs.

M8S isn’t fully loaded with addons but has most of them readily available. Apart from the features, the box is polished just like the Fire 4K TV by Amazon. We won’t say it has all the features it has promised, but still due to its decent price, this one is still a workable solution.

Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes UK:

UK has strict policies and many kodi boxes will not work in the country. Therefore, we have added only those that fit the local laws and will work for you.

  • iMXQpro Amlogic Smart TV BOX Chipset S905X

One Kodi box that will work flawlessly in the UK is the iMXQpro. It comes with an Amlogic S905X cpu that is in the mid-graded CPU ranges. It is compatible with multiple chipsets and features 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. The TV box runs in 4K UltraHD and is great for anyone who wants to just plug and play kodi live streaming. Even the not-so-tech savvy users can easily run it.

  • EVANPO T95Z PLUS Smart TV Box 0 Amlogic 4K2K Video Decoder

Evanpo T95Z Plus smart TV box isn’t just for the UK but due to its appropriate addon selection. And an Amlogic S912 4K CPU for compatibility with all media codecs. It can easily work in UK even with the strict policy of kodi plugins.

The loaded kodi box comes with 2GB RAM. It runs programs in 4K.

Final word:

While buying a fully loaded kodi box, it really depends on you about the type of box that would suit you. I have listed some of the best fully loaded kodi boxes here. They won’t include all the addons but they have all the relevant ones that will require for running kodi apps flawlessly.

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