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Could not Connect to Repository on Kodi? Here is the Solution [Fix]

Could not connect to repository on Kodi? Here is the solution in this article you will find how to solve most of the connection issues that occur while connecting with Kodi repositories. If you are using Kodi version LEIA, JARVIS, or KRYPTON, then this guide will help you troubleshoot the Kodi repository connection problem.

So, let’s get started.

Can’t connect to Kodi? No problem…

  • Verify that your HTTP address is correct

If you are met with an error message while connecting to Kodi and see the message ‘Could not connect to repository’ then it may be because the address entered to connect to the repo is incorrect.

While typing the address, make sure you are typing the correct one.

can't connect to respository path

Double check it before entering the media path.

  • The Source is Down or Offline

Another reason Kodi Addon or a specific repository is not working is because it is down or offline. Visit the repository address in your web browser and see if it connects. If it isn’t connecting in the browser, don’t expect it will work on the Kodi software.

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  • Try accessing the Repository Git Address

If the actual web address is not working, try extracting the information from the git address. You can use the Git address from ‘offshoregit.’ For example, exodus git address is You can check it through the web browser. If it isn’t working there, it won’t work on Kodi.

If you are not using Exodus, then try Covenant. It is a good alternative to exodus.

Use Exodus VPN for Your Online Security 

  • Give it time – The Server may be down

If the connection with the repository is still not working after a few minutes then just leave it for the time being. May be the server is down. This issue is probably solved within hours so you can log back after taking a nap, and hopefully the problem will be solved by then.

  • Try another Repository

Kodi has many similar repositories available. If one is not working, the best way is to try another one instead of waiting for it. Or, you can directly connect with the add-on instead of using the repository. The only problem with addon is that you will have to keep it updated manually.

How to fix could not connect to repository error on kodi leia version 18 beta

The above solutions will work for any Kodi version. But if you want Leia-exclusive repository then simply update the addons manually.

Below videos provides in-depth tutorial on how to do that.

How to solve could not connect to repository error on kodi krypton version 17.6 or lower

Similarly, like Leia, the same method of updating the addon will work on Kodi Krypton. So, watch the above video. If that is not working, then that because is because its development team has stopped providing service. So, just install a new Kodi addon.

Final Word:

We hope that the above solutions will help you solve the Kodi repository connection problem. What methods do you use when this kind of problem occurs? Let us know through the comments below.

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