Blamo Repo Not Working

Kodi Blamo Repo not Working – Blamo Repository Shut down

“Blamo Repository has Shut down and not working anymore. Its gone for good Mr. Blamo (dev) said.”

Recently Kodi users facing blamo repo not working problem and having trouble in updating to latest version of Blamo Repo. Unfortunately blame repo has gone. Most of kodi users updated repo and still getting blame repo down error, blamo repo could not connect to repository error, blamo repo update failed etc. Addons that are listed in blamo repo also create problem such as neptune rising error, placenta not working. Use VPN to encrypt you data and hide you online activity from ISP while streaming kodi.

Blamo Repo has Shut Down Install Yoda addon on Kodi best Exodus and Covenant fork

Because of changes in repository configuration, Kodi users have to reinstall blamo to keep on getting updates and access Chocolate Salty Balls 6.7. This will help you get future updates and will solve all blamo issues that started recently.

blamo repo goneHere another information is required for you that recently Blamo Repo has change their URL to

We suggest to use VPN while installing addons on Kodi. To Install Blamo Repo successfully use VPN because most of your kodi content being blocked by your ISP, VPN helps you to bypass ISP restrictions and hide your online activities. PIA help you to anonymous on kodi from ISP so that you can unblock and stream all kodi addons easily.


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How to Solve Blamo Repo Not Working Error:

Just follow simple step and get rid off Blamo Repo Not Working error (Just make sure you are installing it with 0.1.0 version or higher and using VPN as mentioned above^) . See how its done. We would also suggest to use real debrid with blamo repo to watch HD links in kodi once setup, you can download torrents & filehost premium links without waiting for time all links are secured so your ISP don’t know what you are streaming or downloading.

How to Install Blamo Repo on Kodi 17 or Higher

    • Open Kodi Setting Icon from top left
    • Go to File Manager
    • Click on Add Source and Select <None>

  • Enter the path and give it name i.e “Blamo
  • Go back to Kodi home
  • Nos Select Add-ons and Click to Package Installer Icon on left top
  • Click to “Install from Zip” file option
  • Choose “Blamo” and click OK (Make sure you need to reinstall or update Blamo repository to version 0.1.0 or higher)
  • Now Select “Install from Repository” option
  • Click “Blamo Repo” to open it
  • Select Video Add-ons
  • Now Install Placenta, Neptune Rising, Choclate Salty Balls or any other add-ons you want. Install each addons one by one after notification
  • Go back to Kodi home screen and click addons to see all installed addons.

We strongly recommend to use Cheapest VPN for Kodi before Streaming any content on Kodi.

Kodi Not Working Addons and Repositories

Here are some other Not Working Kodi Addons and Repositories guide which you can use.

Final Words:

When do you see Blamo Repo not working error make sure you have installed it from zip file with most latest version or higher to make it working again. To make blamo repo work again remove the old version and install it with new version and make sure you have enable Unknown Sources option from system Settings>Add-ons.

However, if you still face any issue in installing blamo repo on kodi krypton 17, you can ask in comment section below or our facebook page.


      1. Literally just installed blamo from the zip file, Neptune rising is no longer in the repository.

  1. When I try to install mrblamo it says could not connect to server. Blamo shows up in the list but when I click on it there is nothing there.

    1. Hi Ken, make sure you are typing correct url while installing blamo. Some time it gets down from back end so need to wait and try later, hope will work for you.

    1. Hi Lance, make sure you have updated repo for latest version and typing correct url while installing.
      Could be possible that Avast creating problem for this. Try other antivirus if you can.

  2. Neptune rising doesn’t pull up many working links, in some cases as few as 5 and none working. Ive updated the blamo to the new link, i checked for updates, ive uninstalled and installed it and still it doesn’t work. Whats goin on?

  3. I’ve been getting an error trying to use Neptune rising and trying to install placenta. Updating didn’t work so I tried reinstalling blame. It says I have 0.1.3 but I still get a dependency error when trying to install placenta and an error when I try and watch anything with Neptune rising. Any ideas?

  4. The only things in the Blamo repo vides add on list are Adult swim, Dubbed Anime, and Super favorites. I cant find Placenta or Neptune rising.

  5. Most of these issue are user side, fresh installs dont install super repos stick to legit urls, reboot router 20 mins down time suggest once a week or once every 2 reboot device same time, make sure kodi 17+

    1. Yup, blamo repo is only providing 3 video add-ons

      *Adult swim
      *Skin Helper Service Widgets

      A fix would be nice.

  6. I’m having the same issue… I just did this at my home and it worked and I got neptune. Now I’m doing it at a friends and it’s exactly how he describes only adult swim and 3 others pull up

  7. I have the same issue as Blamo is sowing only 3 sources none of which are Neptune rising or placenta as I am trying to add them on and did a new install of Kodi on 17.6 version

  8. When I try and install Placenta 1.2.9 it immediately says “Installation failed”. Any ideas? I’ve double checked the repository address is correct etc

  9. Source fine. Added and working access. Try the tv series and all the links are corrupted to a false path using the name of the android box so none of the links work anymore. Has someone corrupted the addon????????????

  10. Can no longer download video using Neptune Rising. Is there any way to revert to an earlier revision of Neptune Rising?

  11. Repo not working for me yesterday. I tried adding source, and everything inputs fine but when I try to install from zip file, there is nothing there…

  12. I have version 0.1.4 of blamo and trying to use placenta addon. All I get is No Stream error. I have cleared the cache, adjusted the time searching, all online suggestions but nothing is working.

  13. Placenta is missing from repo. Just wiped my system before the blamo install. No other addons on my system. Everything is typed correctly. Downloaded neptune, works without issue.

  14. Neptune loads OK, Updates OK
    but after selecting movie
    displays Working then returns to the list
    Universal scrapers loaded

    Placenta displays the progress bar but never displays list of sites

    Should we be using 1.4 or 1.6 repo with Kodi 17.6.

  15. Everything works fine in UKTurks, but Neptune Rising does not work. Always get no stream error. I have VPN installed. I downloaded Mr Blamo with xyz extension, but it still doesn’t find working sources.

  16. Cannot install Neptune Rising. Says failed when I try to install it or Placenta. I have typed the URL for Blamo correctly when adding it but it is still not working. I also have all the settings correct in Kodi to install from Unknown sources. What should I try next?

    1. Neptune rising and Placenta is available in different repo that you can find in another blog on our website by searching their names.

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