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Best Kodi Builds for Complete Entertainment

Kodi is one of the best home entertainment suite. But installing add-on’s in Kodi is a pain staking experience, especially when one has to download a new add-on for every new genre. That’s where Kodi builds come in. Also known as bundles of Kodi add-ons, the best Kodi builds give users the freedom to watch their favorite shows without any hassle.

For example, to watch your favorite movies, now you won’t have to download Covenant, Poseidon, Flixanity, and Bob unleashed separately. Because many Kodi builds have all them available in a single package, removing the burden of installing add-ons from users.

But beginner Kodi users find it hard to search for relevant Kodi builds online. That’s why we have made this list of the best Kodi builds for 2018. With it, our readers will get to know the most compatible builds for Kodi, Firestick, Xbox, and Kodi Jarvis plugin.

So, let’s get started.

List of Best Kodi Builds

First we will discuss the best builds for all platforms that are compatible with Kodi home theatre. The reason we have a separate section for the Kodi builds is because the best ones change every year. Last year, most of these best Kodi builds didn’t even exist. But today, they are some of the top rated ones. So, here is the first one:

Misfit Mods Lite

Misfit Kodi build lets users enjoy free music, TV shows, sports, entertainment and more through live streams. The purpose behind its inception was to bring a kodi build in the market that can support a wide array of video streams. It also comes with a an exceptional set of add-ons including Goodfellas 2.0, Made in Canada IPTV, UK Turks Playlist, Catoons8, Bob Unleashed, Skynet, Stream Hub, to name a few.

Kodi users have recommended it as one of the best build for Kodi entertainment video streaming on a multiple platforms. Misfit Mod is available both in lite and paid versions and can be downloaded from Kodi addons ‘Unknown sources’ section.

CellarDoor TV

Next in our list is CellarDoor TV. While Mistfile Mod is available with a free and paid package, the CellarDoor TV is completely free. It is open source was created by developers for fun and entertainment.

CellarDoor users can easily enjoy latest tv shows and movies through the add-ons available on it. At this time, CellarDoor offers add-ons such as SkyNet, Bob unleashed, Elysium, and many more. It will be a perfect fit for you if you are a movie fanatic, the CellarDoor TV build will perfectly suit you.

The best thing about this build is that it comes with a complete movie section that groups multiple genres together. It is compatible with all devices using Kodi.

Xenon Build

Next we have the Xenon build, an ideal build for Kodi TVs and Fire Stick boxes. It will work with other compatible devices as well but the charm is in using it especially for these ones.

The XENON Build is ideal for users who would like to install Kodi in Android TV boxes and Fire Stick devices. It has a smooth UI that offers detailed perspective of the type of movies, Tv shows they would like to watch on their device. It is currently one of the best Kodi builds because of the experience if offers to the users. The Xenon Kodi build also offers users the opportunity to play Android based games on their devices using their favorite home theater.

Whether you are an action-junkie, or love romantic flicks, the Xenon build by Kodi has got you covered. It has everything you would need to get on a binge, watching all shows at a single time. It is also a great Kodi build that allows family and friends to watch latest TV shows online.

Best Kodi builds for Xbox

That was all for the best Kodi builds for 2018. Now, let’s discuss some of the most used Kodi builds on Xbox platform.

For those who don’t know, most people prefer to watch Kodi on their Xbox systems. Many builds are compatible with Xbox, but these ones work the best.

BK Nox

Not a new build, BK Nox has remained offline for some time. But it is still a huge build because of the number of recommenders and users it has. The reason behind its backing is that it has received a huge update recently and has been completely revamped. What this means is that you will get a nicely designed build that’s covered with futuristic interface and subtle animations. The build works nicely on low-end devices such as Xbox, FireStick and even Android smartphones.

It offers content for children as well. All type of content is available in 4K quality so you will never miss a single detail while watching it. Apart from the children based content and games, BK Nox is also famous for latest movies and Tv shows episodes that you can watch. But be warned that all these are region specific so you may need a good VPN connection to watch them.


When it comes to the gold piece of freshly discovered Kodi builds, the one that has swept it all is none other than Nefarious. Nefarious build is known for its entertainment beat. Known for high quality TV shows and movies, nefarious especially made a name for itself by featuring the ‘Live TV’ section. This is still a rarity on most entertainment software and you certainly won’t find one on Kodi. This has given Nefarious an edge over all other best Kodi builds in the market.

One thing that most people don’t know about Nefarious is that it was shut down by the developer a few years ago because they didn’t find a scope for it. But thankfully it is back in the market.

Wookie Wizard

While talking about the best Kodi builds for Xbox, one certainly can’t miss out Wookie Wizard. Wookie is a popular content streaming build that compiles a list of add-ons together. You will find that it is different from the rest because they have arranged content according to categories specific to them. Each genre includes a list of add-ons related to them. You will have Sports Kodi addons in ‘Sports’ category and Movie add-ons in ‘Movie’ category. This has made the whole experience holistic and refined.

But before you download Wookie, just know that some add-ons in this build are dead but some major ones like Covenant, Bob unleashed, and Elysium, Poseidon, Maverick TV and some others work fine.

Jayhawk Build

Another quality build for Xbox and Android TV is Jayhawk. It is a paid build but you can use it for free with a limited number of add-ons. The good part is that these add-ons will be enough to get you kick started on Kodi. It features paid services like Netflix, Vudu, and a few others to turn your house into a full-fledged entertainment hub.

It comes with a pack of customization options including contact menu, krypton build menu, themes, addons, and APK menu. Each is designed to offer the best experience to the users. It works for all type of entertainment types including Tv shows, movies, live TV, highlights, and more.

Best kodi builds for Firestick

Most people use Kodi on their Firestick tv sets. This is because the cable TV is a lot expensive and people prefer to get Netflix, iFlix and other online TV services to watch their favorite shows and movies online. But sometimes these tv services don’t show the channels that they want to watch because of regional restrictions. That’s where Kodi helps them. Let’s discuss Kodi builds for Firestick.

Fire TV Guru Build

Any Firestrick and Kodi lover would know that Fire TV is one of the best Kodi build for Fire Stick. It is developed by Fire TV Guru and compatible with all devices. But the best part is that Fire TV offers great visuals, a fascinating entertainment experience.

You can easily install it within minutes and it has a very small digital footprint unlike other Kodi builds available in the market.

No Limit Magic

People prefer to watch sports and entertainment both in their leisure time. No Time Magic is one Kodi build that lets them watch both at the same time from the convenience of their homes. They don’t have to download another build because No Limit Magic does the magic for them. It is constantly updated and uses the latest update addons for the build. The addons include Covenant, SportsDevil, Bob Unleashed, Maveick TV, and Planet MMA. So, with this Kodi build you get a taste of both movies and sports. If you have to just install one build on FireStick, this is the build to install.


Titanium is another Kodi addon that has taken the Kodi world by storm. Not only is it powerful but it has an excellent repository filled with the latest addons to fill your appetite. The kodi build is clearly not the lightest but is surely one of the best in the market. With a size of 500mbs, Titanium may have difficulty in getting stored on the user’s system, but it runs like a charm. Even Android based systems that have low running memory can easily run it because most of the resources run on the server. Titanium includes a list of addons including Planet MMA, Placenta, Neptune rising, Bob Unleashed, Mobdina, Sports Hub, and The Pyramid. Whether you are a five year old kid, or a sixty year old retiree, it has something for you.

Kodi Collusion

People prefer light weight Kodi add-ons for Fire Stick. And, that’s where Kodi Collusion comes in. it offers one of the best add-ons for live tv streaming. Apart from that, it also has a special repository for people on Fire Stick or Android that focuses on latest movies, and sports events. The build has a simple design with clear navigation allowing users to get the best of their kodi experience.

Kodi Collusion includes Youtube, Supremacy, Rising Tides, Placenta, and numerous other addons, all packed in a small and lightweight add-on. All the add-ons are available with the latest update.

Diggz Fire

Next, we have Diggz Fire. A simple, clean, and compatible build for all Kodi add-ons. It is extremely popular among Kodi users and offers two variants: Xenon, and Twilight. The Twilight version is adult-rated and includes some adult topics that will not be decent for family viewing. The second version, which is perfect, is Xenon. It has a wide-ranging library with multiple categories of contents such as Movies, Kids Shows, and Games, TV Live Streams, Media Streams.

Best Kodi builds for Jarvis

Jarvis is the version 16 of Kodi entertainment suite. As majority users still have old Kodi installed, that’s why we have made a list of builds that will work with Jarvis version.


First in our list is Spark. The plugin has become popular in a short span of time. It has huge streaming content and offers all: Movies, Tv Shows, Entertainment Shows, and Sports Channels.

It is available for 160+ MBs only and it is hard to believe that such a small build can offer such a massive amount of content.

Genie TV

If you are looking for a light and simple entertainment Kodi build, then nothing can replace what genie TV has to offer. The build is a complete pack of entertainment and offers almost everything under the hood. Movies, games, sports channels, all. You name it. It has it. Preloaded add-ons include covenant, fantastic, project M, maverick TV, Trident, Supremacy and many more.

Tron Legacy

Tron offers a simple and clean add-on for watching popular shows and movies. It is only 110mbs but offers an enriching experience to the user. It features Aeon Nox skin for smooth UX. The add-on offers movies and TV shows through its add-ons Placenta, genesis reborn, maverick TV, and Supremacy.

Kryptikz ZT

Kryptikz Kodi build is perfect for video streaming and live TV channels.  It offers a category of latest TV shows in the industry. You can get categories like TV Shows, Systems, Movies, Cartoons, My List, Sports, Recent, Doc Zone, and Explore. Kryptikz offers multiple add-ons that for a better viewing experience.The kodi build also include movies and videos from Bollywood, Tamil Cinema, Chinese cinemas, and even other third world countries.

Watch Asian TV content with these add-ons. While experiencing the Kodi builds, Kryptikz ZT features a pleasing background art.

How to Install a Kodi Build

Open Kodi and choose Settings. Select File manager

Select ‘Add Source’ and click ‘None’ option when the new box appears.

Copy the repository URL and add it to the URL field. Now, type build name and exit.

Now go back to the home page, click addons, the box icon on top menu, and click install zip file. Select the ‘build name’ that you had entered earlier.

It will start to install.

Once installed, you can run the new Kodi build.

Final Word

That’s all. We hope you find a Kodi build that best suits your needs. In case you run into a problem, simply comment below.