Best Kodi Addons for Movies 2018

25 Best Kodi Addons for Movies and TV Shows 2021

Stuck with slow internet connection? Want to watch your favorite movie but the PC is running at a lagging speed? Don’t worry. These best kodi addons for movies will help you get going with impeccable movie streaming and enjoy top speed from the comfort of your home.

Slow internet speed, Ultra HD Movie Streams

Due to high speed internet, now most movies are available in HD 720p or 1080p qualities. Some are even available in 4K Ultra HD quality but not many servers can play them due to more time spent in buffering. These 4K movies require a minimum speed of 15-20mbps, an internet speed that isn’t available with the masses. That’s why people enjoy movies in HD 720p because it requires internet speed of 3mbps to 5mbps only. Besides the internet speed, HD streams also need decent hardware to run Kodi-based movies and programs. But to ease your worry of playing ultra HD movies on Kodi, here is a list of VPN addons to make the experience smoother, enriched and faster.

No # Provider Provider
Name NordVPN PIA
Price $2.99/mo $2.91/mo

We strongly recommend to use Cheapest VPN for Kodi before Streaming any content on Kodi.

New Kodi Addons for Movies


Relatively a new but a good kodi add-on for movies. This movie add-on has specific movies categories which includes Movies, TV shows, Kidzone, Boxsets, Musics. Numbers add-on not only has huge collection of movies but also with good quality, and this is the reason we select it for our new Kodi Addons for movies list. You can install this addon through this repo

The Crew

This addon has one of the largest movies collation in new kodi addons for movies list. The Crew cater three main categories, Movies, TV Shows and IPTV. It categorized movies with the sections of Oscar Winners, Movie Year and many more. This categorization help user a lot to find his favorite movies easily.  This addon is available in

Best Kodi Addons for Movies you can enjoy this year

Just keep in mind that all these add-ons are especially tested to provide the best streaming experience. But, as servers often get full so you may experience slow speeds in some of them. But this is just a heads-up and may not really happen when you stream. So use them heartily. We suggest to use Nordvpn with Kodi to unblock addons and stream all links.

Covenant Kodi Addon

Covenant Kodi Addon for movies

Just like Exodus, Covenant is a movie streaming plugin that provides smooth interface, a robust search feature, and variety of movies that can be played through Kodi streamer. The good thing is that covenant kodi plugin is a successor of Exodus and works in the same way. So, if you were already using Exodus, using covenant would only be a breeze.

Now you might be wondering should I stay with exodus or covenant. So the answer it that covenant has a better trakt integration system and is in active development. This means, even if it has bugs, it will fix eventually. So, start using this latest kodi vpn movie addon.

How to Install Covenant on Kodi Krypton 17.6 for Movies with All Eyes on Me Repo.

  1. StartKodi > Then Click on Gear icon > go to  File Manager.
  2. Click twice on Add Source> click on ‘None’ > Paste this URL > Now Click OK> you have to Name this media source ‘All Eyez on Me Repo’ > Now select OK > Go back to Main Menu of Kodi.
  1. Now Open Add–onssection > Then click Box Shaped icon
  2. Now click on Install from Zip File> Select All Eyez on Me Repository > click on > Now, You need to wait for the notification.
  3. After getting Notification click on Install from Repository> Then select All Eyez on Me Repository.
  4. Now go to Video Add-ons> Choose COVENANT > Click Install> Now, Wait for another notification.
  5. Addon is Install which you can access from Video Addon Section.



Exodus Kodi Addon

Exodus Kodi Addon for Movies

As we were talking about covenant, why should Exodus be left behind? This movie addon is the most popular one in the kodi addons market and provides a streamlined feature to search for movies and TV shows. As it has a pretty simple interface, the users won’t find a problem while searching for their favourite shows through it for online streaming. Good thing is that millions of kodi users are already on this addon. However, most of kodi users having  issue with exodus but it still working if you properly follow the steps from our exodus no stream available blog.
We highly recommend to you Exodus VPN be for connecting to exodus for your online security and anonymity.

Install Exodus on Kodi with the Kodi Bae Repository

  • Firs you need to Download the Kodi Bae Repository Zip File.
  • Open Kodi, click Add-ons section, Now click on the Package icon.
  • Now Select the Install from zip file.
  • Now Select the Kodi Bae Repository zip file ( downloaded and saved in your device.
  • Wait for a moment for notification setting, Addon is installed.
  • You can find the Addon in Video section.

WoW kodi Addon

wow kodi addon for movies

Here is another great kodi addon for you that leaves up to its name as. Well no its not often that you get a good kodi addon that really hit th spot and this one certainly does, its called “WOW”. I am sure you going to be impressed once you open it and check out the list. As like its name this one is absolutely brilliant kodi addon for movies and TV shows. You can easily install WOW addon from ukodi1 repo.

Gaia Addon

As a fork of bubble addon, Gaia is gripping huge place in kodi funnel. If you are in search for best kodi addons for movies and TV Shows then Gaia is the right choice. It streams TV shows, movies, documentaries in high quality and wider variety. Gaia sections include movies, shows, docus, shorts, kids, search and tools.

Death Stream Kodi Addon

death stream kodi addon

Another best kodi addon for movies and TV shows from Mr Blamo Repo called “Death Stream”. Its a fork of our old well known addon Salts Stream. Death Stream has similar sources that you miss now because covenant and exodus creating issue most of the time. You can easily find popular movies and TV shows in this addon and stream them with single click. Death Stream menu based on Movies, TV Shows and Setting along with their is long list inside each menu. Simply it has great features that never let you go down on Kodi.

Placenta Kodi Addon

placenta kodi addon

Placenta Addon is getting popular on Kodi day by day. As a fork from exodus & covenant, Placenta has build up with more features to serves movies and TV Shows. After having issues with Exodus and Covenant, the best choice for Kodi users is to install Placenta as an alternative that placed in the newly updated blamo repository. Placenta isn’t just offering Free TV Shows and Movies, but also have separate part for fitness and kids movies.

Placenta layout is almost same with few minor variations. Install Placenta addon on Kodi 17.6 and enjoy streaming, you can use it for downloading your stream as well.

How to Install Placenta Kodi Addons

  • Start Kodi than Click on Gear Icon> Click on File Manager> Scroll down and double-click on Add Source option
  • Click None on the Box than Put this URL:> Click Ok
  • At bottom type “Blamo Repo” and select OK and close the box
  • Go to Kodi Home> Click on Add-ons> then Package Installer Icon on the top left
  • Select Install from Zip File > Click Blamo Repo from a list > Click on > Wait for the installation
  • Now Install from Repo > Scroll down & click on Blamo Repo
  • Go to Video Add-ons Section> Find Placenta and hit Installation, this takes few minutes to install.
  • Go to Kodi Home>Video Addon Section and Press Placenta.
  • Now Open Placente Kodi Addon for Movies and Enjoy


The Juggernaut

Install Juggernaut Addon

The newly build addon called Juggernaut. Its a nice new one and what it has involved in it, its got emerger, I am absolem, mystique, roger and timber wolf. This all in one pack is worth to install on Kodi specially who keep searching best kodi addons for movies,  TV shows and sports. You can also find loads of stuff in Juggernaut for ladies and kids as it has separate kid zone.

Here is the simple guide to Install Juggernaut addon on Kodi.

The Dogs Bollocks

Do you remember on of the best kodi addons for movies “Pyramid”? Well, Pyramid has gone now and there is a replacement of this best addon called “The Dogs Bollocks” that offers movies and TV shows with few other things like documentaries, music etc. If you want to do a movie & catch up TV search for new movie, hopefully you can find what you are looking for with SD and HD links.

There are bunch of documentaries, kids section, 3D & 4K movies, Christmas & Horror movies etc. Install Dogs Bollocks Addons on Kodi and enjoy.

Uranus Kodi Addon

Uranus is the top kodi addon for movies and TV shows after exodus and covenant and its a fork of Elysium with replaced more list, fixed channels, added resolution to scraper dialog (thanks to griffin repo Mr Blamo). What you have in it is movies, tv shows, spotlight, movie collection, tv catchup, trakt movies, trakt tv etc. So it’s a full pack of entertainment on kodi right now.

Install Uranus Kodi on Kodi Krypton 17.6

  • Start Kodi > Select Settings icon > Click on File Manager
  • Now Double click on Add Source > Click on ‘None’ option When the box appears
  • Put this URL > Press OK > type the repository as “Griffin Repo” > Now click OK to close the box
  • Go to Kodi Home > Click on Addon option > Then click on the Box-shaped icon
  • Select Install from Zip File > When the box appears, click on Griffin Repo option > then “” It will take some time when completed select
  • Install fro Repo option
  • Now Click on Griffin Repo option from a list
  • Now go to Video Add-ons > Select Uranus > Hit Install > Now wait for the installation.
  • Go to Kodi Home > Select Video Add-ons > Click on Uranus > Enjoy Streaming!


Nemesis Kodi Addon


Nemesis is known as a game changer by the Kodi vpn community. And, the reason is because it not only streams movies and programs but also has the ability to fetch streams from air traffic control, police scanner and sports feeds. Moreover, users can also enjoy audio books and music files on this kodi vpn movie addon. These are a few noteworthy reasons you should add it to your collection.

No-Name Kodi Addon


Need a full-fledge entertainment pack that can fetch IMDB lists, 3D movies, and much more? This next plugin in our list can do that for you. The no-name plugin is simple in functionality and provides smooth interface to select 3D movies, imdb lists, and box sets. No-name comes with a child addon to play live streams as well. So, without further wait, download it today.

Specto Kodi Addon


Specto is another popular clone of exodus. Both are similar in the interface but the curation of movies for available in both the plugins are a lot different. You will notice a drastic difference in the design on Specto and Exodus. So, the question is which one of the two is better for download? Exodus, no doubt is the best.

But Specto is updated more frequently therefore it provides in impeccable experience to the users. But just know that Specto kodi addon may take more time to install but after getting installed it will load itself in the kodi software automatically.
Note: Specto is also considered one of the best kodi addons for movies for krypton, live streaming and latest programs. You can enjoy it just like you do through exodus or covenant.

BBC iPlayer Kodi Addon

BBC iPlayer kodi addon for movies

BBC iPlayer is a program streaming addon that’s only accessible by the UK users with a valid TV License. However, if you want to use this addon with kodi vpn through your computer, you will need a valid ip address.

A good gpn is IPVanish that allows bypassing all geo restrictions to stream private data anonymously. BBC iPlayer’s focus is on streaming BBC-based content to the UK public, so you will have access to these only.

cCloud TV Kodi Addon

cCloud TV kodi addon for movies

Many times we want to live stream content of tv channels but are not able to do so because we don’t know how to bypass proxies or to connect to their ips. With cCloud TV this has become easier. This is one of the best kodi addons for movies for Jarvis that live streams content of tv channels being aired in US and UK. The ccloud plugin won’t air content from all channels but you will get a good mix of sports, news and entertainment channels in supreme quality. It is a great platform for people interested in English movies. It can be downloaded directly from SuperRepo repository or from github.

These are the best Jarvis kodi addons for movies. They will work with other versions of Kodi as well but were initially built for Kodi Jarvis version. Have fun using them.

Quasar Kodi Addon

Quasar kodi addon for movies

If you are looking for a torrenting kodi addon, then Quasar is what you need. It can download torrents for streaming from almost all torrenting sources, even from those that were looking difficult. But, as it is torrenting plugin and torrents include questionable material so stay conscious and download only material that is either in the public domain or you have rights to it. With Quasar, you can download movies, tv programs, recorded shows and much more. Don’t forget to read its disclaimer before starting downloads.

Elysium Kodi Addon

Elysium kodi addon for movies

Next we have Elysium. It is a remake of the old kodi plugin named Zen. The addon offers the same features including TV and movie streaming and a lot of upgrades have been made to it recently. The kodi plugin is in active development so you won’t find many bugs. It was dropped by the original developers. The new development team has revamped the design and functionality. You will find a good number of movies with their details including genre, years, actors working in and many more details, while selecting the movies for streaming.

Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

genesis reborn kodi addon for movies

Just like Elysium, Genesis was a popular plugin of Kodi that was dropped by the development team. It is now named as Genesis reborn because it was revamped by another development team. Currently, it is one of the top most used movie plugins for Kodi vpn. The plugin works similar to Exodus and Zen. It provides streaming for movies, tv programs and multiple other watchable content.

The streams are in 720p, 1080p and even in 4K video quality. The second good reason to use Genesis plugin is because of its captcha disabling functionality. While searching for movies, it will ignore all those that have captcha enabled, so you have a flawless viewing experience.

Best Kodi Addons for movies in theaters

As there are already many plugins available for live streaming and fetching feeds from live traffic and security cameras, here is a list of the best kodi addons for movies released in theaters – means the latest movies.

Big Star Movies Kodi Addon

Big Star Movies kodi addon for movies

The reason we have added this to the list is because of its free large library of big star block buster movies that includes latest movies as well. The addon offers movies from every genre and can also scrape content from official sites. It comes with a premium version. The content that can’t be found from free version will be available in the premium one. It is legal and free repository and can be downloaded from the official kodi addon library. However, you can find the most updated and trustworthy version in the MetalChris Repository.

SALTS Kodi Addon

SALTS the ultimated kodi movie addon

SALTS is a popular pirate movies streaming addon for Kodi. The addon’s acronym mean ‘Stream All The Sources.’ This means the content that isn’t available on any other streaming addon can be streamed through this addon.
Note: SALTS is an illegal Kodi addon so use it at your own risk.

Death Stream Kodi Addon

Death Stream kodi addon for movies

Death Stream, just like the SALTS addon, is an unlicensed forked version that deals with pirated content. As, most of the movies available in theatre are not available for download, therefore plugins that can stream illegal content are widely used. Death star is one of these. It pulls streams of well-known websites and also offers users a chance to browse them for other relevant material. Using it without proper permission can get you in trouble especially if you live in the USA.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Hindi Movies

After research from various repositories and add-ons, we compiled a list of Best Kodi addons for Hindi Movies. At the time of writing this content, all add-ons are working. But as you know Kodi add-ons are dropped real quickly so if you found any addons in our list which do not work properly then let us know through comments and we will update it as soon as possible.

Bollywood Kodi Addon

Bollywood movies Kodi addon not only gives you access to stream latest Indian movies and TV shows but also allow you to watch the synopsis of the movie. Content in Bollywood is compiled by genre and type. Streaming list of this addon are Hindi Movies, Documentaries, and Anime.

7of9 Swift Streamz

This Addon has a list of more than 5000 movies. Most of the films are from Bollywood. There is a huge list of categories of movies and TV shows which not only consist of Hindi movies but also Hollywood and Punjabi movies and web series.

Best Kodi Addons For Spanish Movies

Spanish Movies fans can now watch Spanish Movies on Kodi. We conduct a research and find top movies addons for Spanish language content.

Pelisalacarta Kodi Addon

If you want to watch Spanish movies and TV Shows on kodi then Pelisalacarta Kodi Addon should be your first choice. This Addon not only allows you to stream Spanish content but you can also download it. This Addon is the Best choice for Latino content.

Installation guide of  Pelisalacarta

  • Start Kodi and Go to Add-ons Section than click Add-ons icon
  • Click the option Install from Zip File.
  • Navigate to the Repo and select
  • Wait for the Notification
  • Now you can enjoy Spanish Movies with this addons

Following is the list working kodi addons for Movies, TV shows, Sports etc. This list is for  those people who keep saying Kodi is dead.

Working Kodi Addons List
Life Genesis Reborn The Lab Wolf-pack Watch Nixtoons
Supremacy DeckChair Resistance Rebirth W.O.D
Planet MMA Kel-Tec Triangulun Projecy Cypher Monster Munch
Atriox Benelli TVCatchup Rising Tides Cryptic
Aspis Smith and Wesson Football Today Neptune Rising Eyasses
Yoda Powder Boxset Kings Reborn Placenta Falco Project
Supremacy Sports Digibox NuMbErS Aragon Live Loop
The Magic Dragon Gaia Aliunde PureSoccer UniverseHD
Maverick Golden Age Redemption Uranus Universe Comics
At The Flix Best Of British Comedy Kiddo Joshua Universe Kids
Project Mayhem Movie Theatre Butter All Eyez on Me Death Streams RD Kidscave
Joker Sports Galaxy Loki Fido Video Addon The Great Escape
Skynet WOW Masters of The Universe UK Turks Unity
Project Mayhem The Kratos Covenant Subzero Deceipt
Galaxy Firecat Project M Flixnet Fantastic
Whitedevil Streams Star-Tec Bratz Incursion

Final Word:

This is a list of best kodi addons for movies 2018 and tv programs to download. You can download them either through github or the kodi vpn repository. We have picked only the ones that provide the best viewing experience, are robust in functionality and provided supreme value. These addons will also work with Jarvis and krypton Kodi versions. So, rest assured and use these without fear.


  1. Just looking for 1080p Tv Shows, looks like we’re down to almost zero.
    95% are sd / 480p and 5% have some 720p. Everything else are just fake sources results.
    What am I missing or don’t know?

  2. Hi all. I hope someone can help me with this. I’ve had nothing but trouble with trying to get Kodi and add-ons working on two separate (different brands and models also) Android boxes.
    When I try to search for Kodi in the Play Store to update it to a newer version, it displays absolutely no links to downloads for the Base Kodi program, just a bunch of third party Kodi add ons. This box currently runs Kodi 16.0 with 5.1.1 Android.

    The other one I was able to download and install Kodi 17.6

    However I’ve so far been unable to install any video add ons to stream movies and series, which is essentially all I want it for right now.
    I’ve tried the mrblamo for placenta, alleyezonme for covenant, exodus, plus a few others, yet everytime I try one the add on fails to install from the zip file and I can go no further. Also, the zip files have slightly different file names to the ones that are listed in all instructions eg instead of 0.0.4 etc

  3. Blamo repo was abandoned therefore Neptune Rising is no longer active and Placenta should be found in another repository. My kodi is version 16 and Covenant, Exodus and Genesis Reborn are not working also. Using Yoda though.

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